Everything needed to complete the product

Assemblies simple to complex, mechanical, pneumatic mechanical, electro-mechanical - full product production and fulfillment - component and sub-assembly production as well. Here at Atscott Mfg, Inc. we make parts, assemblies, and sub-assemblies for advanced scientific testing equipment, battleships, lawn mowers, and food service tools.

Each of our team members is cross-trained in numerous areas of the manufacturing process to reduce lead time and increase production flexibility. Our facilities include both general and dedicated work cells, testing equipment, inventory management systems, and a large stocked inventory of hardware and raw materials.

We assemble products ranging from the most simple parts to complex units with thousands of individual components.

Assembly Services

At Atscott, we specialize in helping you develop production of your product ideas…from initial prototypes to marketable product solutions. This process may include the following steps:

  • Prototypes – Design for Manufacturability
  • Component and full product manufacturing
  • Stocking
  • Shipping
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Purchased component Sourcing

Supported Services

As your one-stop manufacturing shop, we work with a variety of trained, experienced, and trusted industry partners to support any additional services your project might require and to ensure that all requirements are satisfied as specified.

These include Engineering and Design Services, NADCAP finishing, plating, heat treating, non-destructive testing, sourcing of extrusions and castings and more, to suit the needs of your unique projects.

NADCAP Services

As a partner to the Aerospace and Defense Industry, Atscott is committed to helping our clients meet the requirements specified by NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program). Contact us today to learn more about how we ensure conformity to these national standards.


At Atscott, we partner with plating and metal finishing experts to meet all of your product needs. Does your project have plating requirements? Contact us, and learn how we can help!

Heat Treating

Whether you have one part or thousands of parts requiring heat treatment, Atscott will provide your company with any and all service and support required. Contact us for a free estimate today.

Non-Destructive Testing

We partner with inspectors who are trained in both visual and Non-Destructive Testing, such as Advanced Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, and more. Contact us to learn more.


Does your product have parts that require extrusion? Whether plastic, metal, aluminum or otherwise, Atscott works with experienced and trusted industry partners utilizing state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the extrusions you require are produced exactly to specifications. Call us to learn more.


Cast products and assembly components produced for finishing and machining by Atscott for our customers, both metal and plastic, are held to the highest quality standards. As with all of our products, castings are subject to stringent inspection prior to both processing and final shipment. To learn more, please contact us!

Supported Products

As a contract manufacturer and assembler, Atscott is proud to support numerous partial and full product lines for our customers. For some of the product lines we produce and service, we are also pleased to offer full products and service components for sale.

Please Email us at schild@atscott.com with questions, or to order parts, products, or service.

* Note: All 3M™ product and parts orders must be placed through a 3M™ distributor.

3M™ Hot Melt

Atscott provides hot melt parts and supplies for the 3M™ Glue Applicator. We supply parts to keep the 3M™ Hot Melt Applicators working well and operating at peak efficiency. Click here to identify and order the parts or supplies you need.

3M™ Tape/Surface Saver Applicator

After years of manufacturing the 3M™ Surface Saver System, Atscott is now the primary distributor of this amazing product and its service and maintenance parts. The Surface Saver System is the most effective system for protecting plastic lenses during grinding and surfacing. Vacuum-applied surface saver tape eliminates the need for tape covers or messy liquid protective coatings. This system applies consistent flat, wrinkle-free tape lines to curved lens solutions.

  • Works with facility air pressure and assists in the process of applying 3M™ Surface Saver™ Plus Lens Surfacing Tape and 3M™ Clear Protective Tape to lenses.
  • Applies tape uniformly across front lens surfaces
  • Operated by air pressure, requires clean source of compressed air (recommended at 60 psi)
  • View the complete installation and applicator setup guide here.

The Atscott Mfg. Quality Commitment

As a contract manufacturer specializing in metal fabrication, machining, painting, and assembling all forms of manufactured parts and assemblies, we are committed to meeting your requirements on each and every order involving any of these processes. We are proud to employ a staff of experienced and dedicated full-time inspectors, responsible for review and approval of every piece, part, and project completed by Atscott’s production teams.

We are proud to have earned the following quality certifications.

Our team members refresh their skills annually through systematic training with Pine Technical College System and Enterprise Minnesota. As a product of continual investment in its employees and application of this further education, Atscott has been bestowed numerous customer awards and recognitions for quality, service, delivery, and cost control.