Atscott Mfg, Inc. is a turnkey solutions provider, specializing in manufacturing and assembly services, a committed project partner for our customers from prototyping through production phases. We are a family-owned business with a strong moral compass and work ethic, large enough to have a lot of capabilities, yet small enough to be very responsive. We will work on one part or prototype, and have the expertise and capacities to scale alongside our customers, to suit each of their unique requirements.

You design it, we can make it

Our experienced team members work with most forms of metals, composites, castings, extrusions and plastics to create the exact part or product you need and ensure that every project requirement is met as specified. Integration of components into final assemblies, including produced items, purchased hardware, finishes, or other inputs are all par for the course for our lean production team.

We’re experienced in many industries

We’re proud to be the best option for high-quality machining, fabrication and product assembly services for customers in a wide variety of industries, including medical, defense, industrial, commercial, transportation, and more. We can produce anything from singular smaller parts to complete involved electro-mechanical assemblies, products, and equipment.

Your worry-free one-stop shop

At Atscott, we offer a variety of production services including machining, sheet metal fabrication, powder-coat painting, turnkey product assembly, packaging, and shipping, making us a one-stop manufacturing shop, skilled to handle all aspects of your project. An ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D certified business located in a Hub Zone, our facilities ensure smooth product flow, whether you’re manufacturing one small part…or a complex piece of equipment. Our extensive network of secondary services partners including engineering and design services, plating, coating, heat treating, casting and testing ensure Atscott Mfg. Inc can cover all the details required to make your idea a reality.

Request a quote

At Atscott, we leverage our 60 years of manufacturing innovation to take your project from idea to completion without surprises or last-minute pricing changes. With customers across a wide variety of industries, we know that we can help you too. Our skilled team excels in leveraging our expertise to help refine and optimize a prototype to a viable, economical product ready for production – all in a reasonable and reliable quote. Contact us today to request your free quote, and learn how Atscott can provide your company with consistent high-quality solutions.