At Atscott, we are proud to provide a comprehensive variety of high-quality machining, fabricating, and turnkey assembly services across numerous industries.

As a dedicated Twin Cities one-stop manufacturing shop, we’re committed to taking your project from an idea to a sales-ready product. We offer a number of supported services to ensure that every one of your project requirements is met as specified.

Turnkey Product Services

At Atscott, we have the expertise and equipment to take your project from idea to completion. We currently manufacture a wide variety of fully assembled products, all of which we carefully test, package and ship to our customers’ exact specifications. Learn more about our turnkey assembly services here.

CNC Machining

Whether you require machining of simple parts or complex assembled machinery and equipment, we have the expertise, facilities, and quality equipment to complete your project. Our ability to meet tight tolerances ensures that you’ll get the quality you require. Learn more about our machining services here.

Metal Fabrication

We offer a complete variety of metal fabrication services, including stamping, punching, water jet, shearing, welding, and more. Our expert metal fabrication services combined with a full range of in-house machining, turning, metal finishing, and assembly, make Atscott Mfg. an efficient, affordable, and capable choice for your complex projects. Learn more about our metal fabrication services here.

Supported Services

As your one-stop manufacturing shop, we work with a variety of trained, experienced and trusted partners to support any additional services your project might require. These include NADCAP services, powder coating, plating, heat treating, non-destructive testing, extrusions, and castings. Click here to learn more

Product & Equipment Sales

In addition to these services, we provide parts and equipment for numerous quality products, including C+H Equipment, Schild Products, and Tower Solutions. We are also a proud provider of 3M™ Tape/Surface Saver Applicator and Atscott Bridge Caddie products.