After years of manufacturing the 3M™ Surface Saver System, Atscott is now the primary distributor of this amazing product and its service and maintenance parts.

The Surface Saver System is a proven, popular, and effective solution for protecting plastic lenses during surfacing. Vacuum-applied surface saver tape eliminates the need for tape covers or messy liquid protective coatings. This system applies consistent flat, wrinkle-free tape lines to curved lens solutions.

Atscott Mfg. Applicator 1645 Product Information

  • Works with facility air pressure and assists in the process of applying 3M™ Surface Saver™ Plus Lens Surfacing Tape and 3M™ Clear Protective Tape to lenses.
  • Applies tape uniformly across front lens surfaces
  • Operated by air pressure, requires clean source of compressed air (recommended at 60 psi)

View the complete installation and applicator setup guide here.